Roy Charles Watson, 1999

This website was created by Blake and Matt Watson, two of Roy C. Watson’s grandchildren, and Clarissa Watson, their mother. We remember growing up and going to Mimi (Nell) and Pawpaw’s house every Friday, when he would pick us up from school and buy us a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. After dinner, Mimi and Pawpaw would tell us stories and play games with us before putting us to bed. On Saturday morning, we would watch cartoons at their house, and Mom or Daddy would come pick us up to go home. Those were the days.

Pawpaw was especially known for telling long-winded stories. Thankfully, many have survived to this day, because he would occasionally type them up on his various typewriters and, later on, computers. Reading through these stories brings back a flood of nostalgic memories of those many Friday nights we spent at our grandparents’ house in the '90s, listening to those stories or, perhaps, not listening to them as closely as we wished we would have.

We are dedicating this website to Papaw’s stories, using family newsletters he wrote. We hope to expand the content as much as possible. If you can contribute to this website, please email us a or Thank you and enjoy!